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Performance Date and Time:
Saturday (September 8, 2018) 7:00 PM;
Sunday (September 9, 2018) at 1:00 PM

McMillan Family Trick Riders

Ranch raised in Soap Lake Washington and born with the desire to ride and entertain the McMillan siblings will thrill you there riding stunts and fast paced vaulting. Each has their own horse that they have bonded with and trust with their lives. A strong Faith and lots of hard work and practice make all that they do possible. Taught by Joanie Parsons, a trick rider who currently resides here in the Northwest is the reason the four have excelled so quickly. Joanie was taught by and traveled and performed with the legendary Dick and Connie Griffith. She has the ability to teach and instills values in the kids that they will take with them way beyond their trick riding years. They each feel that they are truly blessed to have her in their lives.