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Thursday, September 5th @ 1:00 p.m. - Friday, September 6th @ 5:30 p.m.

Slim Chance

This is about the Slim Chance, and more importantly, you, the fans and friends, and the joy I share in giving something to others. So what is the reason for playing, or listening, or otherwise altering the natural vibrations that surround us and projecting them or taking them in. Like I know? Just because I sling a few instruments around and sing I’m supposed have some divine insight into why a person might sing instead of talking, or why they might string a wire on a chunk of wood and pluck it?

So enough philosophy, I’m Bruce Coe, AKA Slim Chance.

Howdy. I play mostly Country/Americana, that seems to be where I have ended up after playing and singing for much longer than I remember. I like the honesty and simplicity of doing a solo act. I write a lot of the stuff I play and most people don’t know the difference between those tunes and the cover tunes I do so I suppose that’s good. I think it’s good, anyway.