Vendor Information

If you are interested in becoming a vendor, fill out the application and send it in... Be a part of our excitement. You can also email your application to:


* All activities MUST be confined to space assigned

Booth Type Size Fees
Outdoor Ground Space Approx. 10’ X 20’ Basic Space $200.00 Yellow Prime Space $300.00 Red & Yellow
Food Concessionaires

Service Clubs  15% of Gross Sales

All other Concessions 20% of Gross Sales

$200.00 space reservation (non-refundable)

$200.00space reservation (non-refundable)

Basic space Blue Prime space Blue & red. Prime Space is an additional $100.00 rental fee Spaces are 10 x 20 any extra space is $1.25 sq/ft.
Liability Insurance (Required)   Food Vendor $153.20 Non-food Concessions $130.00
Vendor Camping (Week of Fair only)   Full Hookups $55.00/Week
Advance  Extra Vendor Tickets:   Daily $8.00 each
Season $14.00 each

Included with each Vendor space are two Vendor season passes.
Vendor tickets will not be sold at ticket booths.