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Whisky Trail

Sept. 5 @ 6:15 PM & 9:00 PM

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A Sound Steeped in Connections

Whisky Trail is a two-time Best Band-winning ensemble that performs classic rock covers throughout the region. While they can be a bit cheeky in their acronyms, they refer to their audience as Friends, not Fans.... and nothing is as satisfying as when Whisky Trail Friends are on their feet dancing the night away. Whisky Trail performs year-round as either a two to five-piece rock band, or a two to three-piece acoustic band.  For smaller footprints, our Kilted lead performs acoustically  Taste of Whisky.   Our goal is to take you for a ride in the way-back machine, evoking the memories and nostalgia of your favorite tunes from simpler times.  You are invited to follow us on Facebook (WhiskyTrail),  Instagram, or TikTok (@WhiskyTrailBand) or check our website at www.whiskytrailband.com.  Facebook Events has the latest up-to-date information on upcoming performances.  For booking information, please email WhiskyTrailBand@gmail.com.